Attain Inner Peace

Peace, what is it really? In my opinion, peace is when there is unity and harmony, that’s typically what peace means. It is when everyone gets along. There is no war, no discrimination, and no conflict. Peace to me also means finding solutions to existing problems. It’s a way of being at ease with yourself and with everybody else. Peace is basically the most essential part in every nation. Without it, a nation might not progress.

Nowadays peace is very desirable. If there is no peace the whole human race will be destroyed. Why? Because when there will be war, we will be faced with atomic bombs and UFOs. That would be scary, so let’s promote peace. To help build peace in a nation, one must first build peace within himself. We must learn how to respect, accept, and appreciate ourselves. How can you build peace if you yourself cannot achieve peace within yourself? Let us work hand in hand to achieve this, let us spread peace.

Wouldn’t it be great to imagine a place without war, without discrimination, without misunderstandings and without prejudice? Imagine in the Philippines, in Mindanao, Muslims and Christians together not fighting but befriending each other. It would be a much better place for everyone to live in. In our school I have rarely seen Muslims and Christians in a fight. I usually see them working together, like doing projects, assignments, or just hanging out. Everyone in our school is treated equally and fairly. The key to this is respect and understanding. If you want peace in your school or community, you should start by respecting each others’ differences. You should respect their cultures and religions and try to understand them. Once you do this you would be able to develop high viewpoints about them, and thus creating peace. 🙂